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Graphic Design + Logo Design + Illustration + Branding

This branding project was designed with the look to conjure the feeling of romance in Italy. As with all of our designs the aim is to create a visual harmony. The old Italian feel gives the subject a sense of warmth brought out by the beautiful colors and textures. A unique visual appearance makes this project stand out.

Graphic Design
Client: Ohio Gymnastics Institute

This client wanted a fun design for their new mailers. Birthday parties are a popular event they hold and is a major part of their business. They provided their own photos that we retouched with effects to complete the overall design.

Graphic Design
Client: Rick's Grill & Subs

Our client came to us with an already existing logo. He was looking for business supplies that would seamlessly match and enhance his established branding concepts. We reworked his menu and business cards. We were able to bring in a few images to show where our client was from and it really pulled the project together.

Graphic Design
Client: Green Acres Lake Park and Resort

These brouchures were requested from a client who saw a similar flyer and wanted the same. Due to copyright laws we could not copy their design so we made a new design influenced by their concept. We worked closely to make sure everything was to their standard and satisfaction while providing the product as close to what they wanted as possible without compromising our integrity. Our client was very pleased with the end result and it's been a very successful rackcard.

Graphic Design

This promotional piece is a great example of when past meets present. The Olde Course at Saint Andrews is the oldest golf course in the world. As golf lovers, we wanted to showcase its true beauty with a 3-fold brochure. It is contains up to date information and some beautiful photos that are a pleasure to the eye.

Graphic Design + Logo Design
Client: The Goddard School of Akron, OH

We were thrilled to help the fundraising committee for The Goddard School by designing a fun and festive logo for their 2018 spring benefit. This would be added to their social media accounts and any marketing materials for their event.

Graphic Design + Branding
Client: Auxilia

Our client Auxilia is a doula, a new born and child care support system. They wanted the look of their brand to convey strength for a new beginning. We were able to take the mental concept and translate it into their logo. We kept all branding cohesive to showcase their vision. Can't wait to see this business succeed.

Graphic Design + Branding

We decided to do a redesign on an existing wine bottle from a local winery. The label was already out dated and we wanted to give it a more modern feel. In designing the label, we felt that it was necessary to think outside the box and do something non-traditional but still give it that vintage feel.


Graphic Design + Branding
Client: 411 in the 843

This project was created for our client who wanted their own branding to stand out but they needed it to fit with the original logo and concept. We still wanted her customers to know what 411 in the 843 was, but we also wanted to design it with her own style so customers would recognize her individual business with these unique Facebook banners.

Web Design + Branding + SEO
Client: The Sisterhood Hunters

Our new client needed a website and a brochure. The website had to be easily accessible to help victims of scammers. The website we created is designed to be informative and comforting. The brochure is intended for conferences in an effort to reach out and educate.

Web Design + SEO
Client: Bruce N. Shepas

Bruce Shepas needed a website for his trustee campaign in 2013. We came up with a nice simple website that was very easy access for his voters. The simplicity of this design was exactly what he was looking for and was extremely successful to his campaign.

Website Maintenance + SEO + Art Direction
Client: Austintown Bounce

This client already had an existing website but with their business booming, changes were constantly needed. We partnered up with them to help out with all their website maintenance needs. The website is all kept updated and it runs smoothly.